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(no subject)

Ah, the perils of technology. Not just computer stuff, but any sort of technology, really. In fact, this applies to the process that was "applied" to making the white whale of a workbench. Sad, but true. My favorite part:

"Actually, we don't sell hammers at all."


"According to our research, what people really needed wasn't a Universal Hammer after all. It's always better to have the right kind of hammer for the job. So, we started selling hammer factories, capable of producing whatever kind of hammers you might be interested in using. All you need to do is staff the hammer factory with workers, activate the machinery, buy the raw materials, pay the utility bills, and PRESTO...you'll have *exactly* the kind of hammer you need in no time flat."

"But I don't really want to buy a hammer factory..."

"That's good. Because we don't sell them anymore."