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Went to the Neil Gaiman signing last night - it was fun, even with my solo-anti-social self. He made jokes about sex in the church, read to us in voices and generally made everyone laugh. He's as funny in person as he is in print. In fact, he's not at all exaggerating when he says he blurbles along. Following his train of thought around its meandering course was entertaining. He's truly a talented and gracious man. He actually thanked people for coming to the signing.

I was very proud of myself for managing to avoid squeeeing all over him. And now I have a signed copy of Anansi Boys, Neverwhere and 1602 #1. Soooo happy.

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Ooh. I'm envious. Was it a mob scene? Relaxed and social? Standing room only?

There were about 800 people there, but it was very calm. Each ticket had a number on it, they called folks up to stand in line by groups of 100. In fact, a lot of people left after the reading. I was in the first 200 and didn't get out until about 10.

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