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(no subject)

Dammit. Now I can't get any email other than work email. Bastards found my super-secret webmail accounts. And I was just thinking this morning about how I could settle into this zombie existince if I left my ambition at the door.

The best part about this morning so far was the end of my drive to work. I got to watch random bike rider leaving campus on his way-too-jacked-up-for-him mountain bike. He used it just like we used to ride the dirt bikes when I was little. Take it out and pop a wheelie! How high can you get that front wheel really, when riding on a crowded sidewalk?

Oh, and this is for emergency use only.(via tdj)
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Wow...suck....you know what that means? Time to use some of that emergency tequila.

You need a new job...

Well, what are you waiting for? Get with the program mister!

Which program? The "getting you a new job" program or the "drink the emergency tequila"?

Well, I think the job. The tequila part might make me sick. Unless it were a margarita. Mmmm, margarita.

Ok....I'll work on the job part.

You should drink now.

I will soon, since I have to leave early and all. Good and bad. :P

Now you don't have email either??? So my only way to communicate with you during the day is via LJ? I guess I can resort to sending you mobile messages, but that might get annoying, especially since you can't reply.

Grr. We both need new jobs.

Why can't I reply? And yeah, that's the most annoying thing about working here.

Because my phone is turned off during work. Unless your phone can send me an email message.

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