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Dumb computers

The one thing I hate about my iPod is its inability to exclude Christmas songs from the "shuffle all" function. Random Christmas in October is just disconcerting. And I never get to the skip button fast enough.

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Yeah, that was me. This computer likes to log me off in mid-post. It's great.

I love unscreening your anonymouse posts. At least I can find them. :P

What I ended up doing to fix this is just pulling off all the Christmas stuf in February and putting it back on in November. (Easy because I have them all in a playlist and I've tagged them all with the Christmas genre.) Not ideal, I know... but I hate having the Christmas songs come up in the shuffle.

Oooh, that's cheating! But I think I'm going to steal your idea. :)

Ha! You need a music AI. Turing devices know that you always follow "Black Magic Woman" with "Gypsy Queen" and always precede "Love Lies Bleeding" with "Funeral for a Friend".

Well? When will you have it done?

Write a Perl SCRIPT!!! Perl AI!!!! What else are you going to do today? Work?

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