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I've spent the last two days drawing floor plans of the next house that we want to own. Since we're planning on having it built, I have the luxury of doing that. Of course, at this point I have no idea how much it will cost. So it may take us forever to build it but that's not really a deterrent. Drawing out the plans has actually been a good outlet - it lets the compulsive planner in me roam free while not spending a penny. Also, I'm no longer obsessing and spending too much time on builders websites. That was getting annoying, even to me.

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Ok, I thought the web would have some great answers about how much it costs per sq. ft. to build a home in King County. I'm wrong. It's hard to find any good info and the prices range from $40/sqft to $200/sqft.

there were several books sited on amazon though that might help...Husband and I like to do research at the Southcenter Borders. It's quiet and they don't mind if you read the books and don't buy and thing except coffee :)

I was poking around at some builders websites, and even they don't like to really give estimates. It's like they just make numbers up off the top of their heads or something.

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