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My husband and I were talking this morning about the house we're planning. I really have no idea how much this thing will cost - I'm still working out the rough plans in my head and I really don't have a realistic square footage yet. I know I'll figure out what I want and how big each room should be - I'm planning the interior design while I'm doing the plan and figuring room sizes around what furniture I want where. I also know that once I build this place, I'm not going to want to move again. Ever. So I'm struggling with putting a plan together that will work when I'm old and my knees don't work for shit. (As a side note, this is much harder than I thought it would be.)

Anyway, this morning, we finally admitted that this house might cost a LOT of money. So we might be stuck in the current house for longer than we'd planned. We're still going to go looking for land as soon as I have a stable job, but man. I don't want to put this off, but I don't really see a way around it. I guess I really need to get a rough idea of the overall square footage so we can get a rough budget.

As I write this, I'm starting to realize it sounds like I'm whining about it. I'm not, not really anyway. I'm so happy to be able to think this way, it's not even funny. It's still tough to have something I want so badly so close, and yet far away. It would almost be easier if I didn't have the possibility of catching this dream. No, no it wouldn't. I'm lucky as hell and I know it. I just lose sight of it occasionally.

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Maybe you could make do with just two tennis courts, one swimming pool, and a single runway for the private jet. ;-)

Smart. Ass. There's never enough room for the number of Miatas floating around, though. :P

For me, the hardest part would be deciding where to put the house. There are so many places I'd like to live, I'd be afraid to be tied to one location with the house of my dreams and not end up liking that neighborhood or commute or something.

I find it easier to have a crap house so I can always dream of how next time it will be better, both location-wise and house-wise. Of course, that plan has its own problems...like living in a crap house.

I think we've pretty much narrowed the area down. Commute was a huge factor, as was price. I'm just not willing to commute more than an hour each way. Call me crazy. :) But I think we went through about a dozen towns on the way to this decision. Having a husband that loves his job makes it easier to keep part of the commute-radius-string tied.

So I guess when I take Sushi Mel to Friday Harbor to run my sushi bar there, you'll be out of luck!

I'll just have to get away for weekends. Frequently. :)

Part of it might be good to think about rough size/# of rooms and find a lot that will accomodate that rought size/# number of rooms. The lot could have a lot of impact on the design of the house. Rather then design the house and then attempt to find the lot it might be easier to have rough specs (you know 18 rooms, 6 bathrooms, and 30k sqft) and then find a place where you might like to put it.

Its just great that you can think about that. I can't even fathom being there. Right now I'm just trying not to get fired.

I've got a rough plan, but no room size yet.

And I still think you should try to get fired. They might just promote you. :P

Are you going to post a wish list of cool features? Or a poll of most important house feature?

Probably a wish list. At some point. There are so many!

let me guess: cabana boy, masseuse, personal bartender...

Masseur, not masseuse. Yeesh, get it right!

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