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tea pile

(no subject)

No coffee today, I'm having tea instead. I don't do this very often, as I don't like to order tea at the coffee shop and brining it from home is a pain. I used to alternate tea and coffee, but that was when I had ready access to hot water at work. Pouring hot water into a cup to make tea is a very satisfying process. Watching the leaves, smelling the tea, pulling the leaves at the right moment to avoid making the tea bitter - there's a whole ritual involved.

Tea For OneUnfortunately, this is no longer possible, as this place has water that tastes of chlorine. Even if I were willing to microwave it to get hot water, it tastes terrible. So I have tea on the weekends with my fancy little tea for one setup.

Anyway. One of these days I'd really like to have an actual teapot, or maybe two. A functional put-it-on-the-stove one and a fancy little serving pot, I love the Asian style teapots they're just gorgeous. But I don't have room in this house for one more thing, let alone two. The kitcken is so full that we've got stuff we don't use often still in the garage. So sad. Some day, there will be tea.

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Oh how I wish. I'm trapped at the office trying to entertain myself.

Then how did you manage tea today?

You know, you could bring in your own bottle of water that doesn't taste like chlorine, then do the microwave route.

or she could just work from home....she'd have a better time there.. :)

Pie hole! And where's my new job?!?!

I just boiled the tea at home and used a bag. It was... fine I guess.

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