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I've been poking at a few of the initatives on the next ballot (I'm using the listing of measures and the impact statements prepared by the Secretary of State to cut through most of the crap) and so far, I'm pretty pissed off. The people bringing these measures forth appear to be selfish pricks. It's not like I should be surprised, people who write these things tend to have a very personal reason for doing so but that doesn't really change anything.

The specific initiative that's making me mad right now is 912. They want to cancel the planned gas tax increases and repeal the one that's been implemented. Fine, they want to cut taxes and I can respect that. But the way the initiative is written, it only applies to unleaded gas. Diesel will still be taxed in the progressive manner planned. This pisses me right the fuck off. I have a diesel car because I like the gas mileage. I planned for the eventual rise in gas prices by buying a car that gets good gas mileage so therefore I must be penalized by paying higher gas tax. What about people that are moving? They rent U-Hauls and have to pay the higher taxes. And what about the cost increase that trickles down due to increased shipping costs?

So screw them. Those people who bought expensive gas-guzzling beasts of cars can pay the gas tax too. Selfish bastards. You don't get to ruin the environment and then get a tax break because you're an idiot.

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Nope....and they are stupid about it.

I'm tired of all the anti-tax stuff going on. If people don't want to have roads, fine...that's their problem. When the regional economy collapses because the major roads that feed the major transpotation networks collapse, the farmers can whine then.

Its the same people that voted for the car tab thing that also love buying new cars ever couple of years that can bite me. Sorry...this whole thing about "no on 912 because the politicans are wrong" is stupid. If you want to have more control over the government then we need to switch from a representative democracy to a true democracy. It's like the monorail...its been voted on 5 different times? How many more votes have to happen?

Well, if the people running that project were'nt incompetent, that might make a difference. But the monorail is a complete joke. The lose more money than any group has the right to request. Government idiots.

I'm definitely voting no on 912. It just makes my blood boil that these folks think that they're going to get to drive their Hummers at my expense. go get a fuel efficient car!

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