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Fresh organic veggies

Yesterday we picked up our first box of veggies from the local CSA. The list included several things I've never had before: parsnips, persimmons and pluots. I'm really impressed with the size of their small box - it was big enough that I'm not entirely sure whether or not we'll be able to eat one a week. It was odd seeing my veggies with vestiges of dirt, as the ones in the grocery store are so... groomed. But so far, I'm very happy. Had myself a pluot for breakfast, and dang! those things are good! In fact, what with the unusual veggies, we're experimenting with the corned beef this weekend and adding collard greens instead of cabbage. It makes the Irish part of me twinge, but what the heck else do you do with collard greens?
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but what the heck else do you do with collard greens?

Feed them to your enemies? Burn them? Bury them and forget where? Yick.

I think I had them once with bacon and they weren't bad. I'm hoping the pickling spices with the corned beef will help them be less... collard green-like. :)

And I commented with your questions! Go forth and answer. :)

mmm....collard greens.....

Good with chicken (fried of course)....you can mash potatos and mix them in...some lemon juice and pepper flakes...so many ways to eat them....

You should join the CSA! There's one in Woodinville.

They're good steamed with garlic and lemon.

I'm jealous. Is there one in Renton? Silly me. There's nothing cool in Renton.

Full Circle isn't hte only CSA out there. Check out this database.

The fresh sheets give you great ideas for what to do with each item...so after awhile you have fantastic ideas for all the veggies and fruits they give you. But the best thing I've found to do with Collards is to boil them for awhile. Then you roll and juillian them and saute them in a pan with some olive oil and garlic. This is as Heart-Healthy as it gets. Tons of Vit K and lots of good stuff in the garlic. Onions also work and have a host of fiber that lowers cholesterol. I have an actual receipe at home in a book no less. I'll see if I can remember to forward it or bring it next time I see you. :)

Cool, thanks. When talking to the husband the other day, I discovered his method of finding a recipe was to osmotically install it in his brain. Looks like I get to be the recipe finder. :)

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