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(no subject)

1) In less then a month starts the end-of-year holidays, which is your favorite holiday?
Halloween, hands down.

2) Least favorite?
Christmas. Too much pressure with the presents and crap. I don't want stuff, you don't need stuff, why do we let the Victorians and the advertisers put so much pressure on us?

3) Do you generally like this holiday season or is it like impending doom?
I'm starting to like it again. My family has agreed to cut back on the gift giving, so that doesn't sully the whole season any more. Part of the dislike is the feeling of busy, part is the darkness and part is the retail hell.

4) Do you dress up for Halloween?
Sometimes. I like to celebrate, but last year it just meant having people over to carve pumpkins. Which was cool all on its own.

5) What is your best holiday memory?
The New Years party of 2000. I distinctly remember jumping up and down on the couch at KTDs and screamin along to Prince's 1999. Ah, that was fun.

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ah, yes...that was a fun party. That was where I supposedly jumped through fire. Supposedly, Tom has it on video, though I never saw it. :)

I think we were all... a little drunk off our asses. :)

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