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Questions from trista:

1. I'm really enjoying reading about the house you're planning. What's the most enjoyable part for you? Is it an emotion? An activity? Is it the thing that you would have expected to enjoy most before you started the process?

I love dreaming and planning. I get to make lists and lists of the things I want, configure them however I want and make it all beautiful. I get to draw house plans and configure furniture and dream of the life I would have if everything were just so. I know that at some point, my little perfect fantasy will become reality and it won't be perfect anymore. But for now, it's a fantastic game of House.

2. Think about someone you dislike intensely, for whatever reason. You don't have to tell me who it is or why you dislike that person. Now tell me something about that person that you do like or admire. How difficult was it for you to see past the things you don't like to find that good quality?

This is remarkably difficult, as I'm having a tough time thinking of someone I dislike intensely. the ones that pop to mind I don't actually know, but rather disagree with on principles. Enough that I'd be tempted to slap them if I met them in person.

Well, I was wrong. I guess I must have been trying to block out this person. He makes me crazy for his inability to listen to any opinion but his own and his complete disregard for anything outside his little world. But I admire his passion about the causes he believes in. He's an ass about it, but he really thinks he's got the ability to change the world through belief.

3. What's one thing that, if you had your way, no kid would graduate high school without knowing?

What it takes to balance a checkbook and why credit isn't free money. I think if more people understood these concepts, and understood the value of making ends meet, we'd be in a better place as a country. Maybe even the politicians would understand that they need to balance the books.

4. Some people are incredibly creative people, while others seem not to have a drop of creativity anywhere in them. What do you think is the reason for that?

I think there are a couple of reasons. One is that they didn't get any practice being creative as kids. TV is a bad babysitter. People need to understand and practice creativity in order to be receptive to it. Personally, I'm so out of practice it's not even funny.

Also, I think that it's a genetically selectable trait. Just as too many leaders is bad for a society, so is too many creative people. There need to be some folks that imagine the way things should be and there need to be people to carry it out.

5. What is the phrase that is most likely to send you off on a rant if you see it written or hear it spoken?

I really go nuts when people start and answer with "Well, obviously...." Dammit, if it was obvious to me, I wouldn't be asking! There's no need to be condescending. Sooo tempted to rant now. :)

Anyone else want to play the interview game?
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