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(no subject)

Weekend was good, will update about it later - took yesterday off to finish up some stuff, particularly relating to the Halloween party Saturday. However, this morning, we discovered that the hot water heater died. Of course, yesterday used up most of the hot water in the house so this morning's shower was... lukewarm. I really don't like having goosebumps while showering. And I have no idea how I'm going to get clean tomorrow - I don't know if the plumber can come tonight. This is insane! Any suggestions on how to get hot water (other than using the stove) are welcome.

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Go to the gym? Visit a friend's house and borrow a towel? Take your hubby to Tubs? ;-)

Yeah, cause that's a way to get clean. Tubs. Ugh.

Are you sure it's dead? I mean, you probably are but we recently had to drain ours to get the sediment out so it could heat up the water right again.

As for hot water generation suggestions that don't involve the stove, do you have a bunch of mirrors? It's sunny out and you could focus them on a big container of water and, uh, nevermind.

Did you forget where we live? There is no sun here!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's dead. It's 10 years old and worked fine until I wanted hot water this morning. Just like it had come unplugged or something. Weird stuff that happens to houses.

What you need instead is some sharks with frickin' laser beams to warm up your hot water tank.

Yes! Best possible solution!

Watch it with that encouragment! He might just jump over to your journal and "help" you too. :)

I could use a couple of sharks with frickin' laser beams.

Who would you put in the tank with them?

There should be a temp adjustment for the tank (if it was done in the last 15 years). It should be behind a removeable plate on the tank near the bottom. It should be a knob with some numbers. Try cranking it all the way up and see if that does you any good. It will be a short lived solution.

You could also drain the tank and fill it again. If it is a bottom only element/heat supply, sedimaent may have built up and may be making it less useful.

Also - did you check the breaker? Double check it to make sure it hasn't tripped.

Yes, I know about the dials. No one has touched them (that was the first thing I checked). I'll check the breaker, but the thing is 10 years old. I've been waiting for it to die for a while.

:) SO its an excuse huh? :)

Try cranking the knob all the way to the right. The rheostat may have gone out so cranking it might make the heat step up a bit (not much, but enought to take a shower).

You can shower at my house. I have two that are never used.

Thank you! I may just take you up on that. I'll call you tonight on the way home.

Insert obligatory webcam joke here

Insert obligatory smackdown. :P

In totally unrelated news, could you pick up some food on your way over? I was going to cook but now I'm in the mood from hell and that's probably not a good time to be using knives and fire.

We can work out the details on the phone.

come on....nothing makes you feel better like knifes and fire when you are in a crappy mood....especially when you used them on what is causing you the frustration...

Don't taunt her with the knives. That's just bad. Also, you're the only one that uses fire as a solution for everything.

fire is a perfectly good solution for so many things

Yes, but not all. Geez. When are you going to learn that?

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