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The new hot water heater comes today. I can't even explain how the concept of a hot shower has taken on mythical proportions in my mind. It's really amazing. I never would have thought it would become such an important piece of life.

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were my estimates in the ballpark or way outside of the cost?

Pretty close. I was horrified by how much gas costs... still going tankless with the new house though. With the 50% energy savings, it's totally worth it.

Sorry to be the bearor of "you have to pay lots of money...". :)

I totally agree about the tankless in a new house, it's how Europeans do it mostly and you get better water pressure and you can achive higher heat in the water because the amount you are heating is so much less.....but keep in mind, its normally cheeper (if you are building from scratch) to have stuff wired for things.

You pay a higher upfront cost for Gas over Eletric, and over the life of the appliances, it normally doesn't even out. Especially considering N. Gas is running higher then normal for cost.

You know, they're raising electric rates too. So ugh. But the total cost of the electric heater was close to $1000. Gas would have been about $1500, I think. So the cost differential is really pretty minimal. And gas tanks tend to be smaller for equivalent usage, did you know that? Weird the things you find out in an emergency. :)

We are SO creatures of our environment. I felt that way when I was without regular online access for 5 months. :)

Isn't it crazy? this sort of thing always makes me wonder what on earth I would do if the world were suddenly less of the comfortable place I live in and more like living as a pioneer. I'm such a wuss, I'd never make it.

I've tried to imagine what would happen to the world if we had no more electricity. We'd all die.

Don't get your expectations up so high. It might just be and adequate hot shower and then your hopes would be dashed. :-)

Anything that doesn't ivolve heating water on the stove to get clean will be a major victory.

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