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Dry stink

I have a question for your folks about dry cleaning. Yeah, today's going to be one of those weird days. Anyway, what I want to know is if you have any tricks for getting the dry cleaning stink out of your clothes. Mine com back all funky smelling, but since I'm not a perfume person, there's nothing to cover up that weird smell. And it doesn't just go away with time. So, any suggestions?

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I just use Dryel in my own dryer and it leaves a kind of pleasant smell. I've actually never used a real dry cleaner.

I've only gotten something dry cleaned once, and wore it later that evening. That was about 5 years ago. I don't recall a smell, but then...I'm a guy. *shrug*

I just deal with it...normally doesn't bother me. :)

Several options,
1) switch dry cleaners...but not before you ask the current one what chemical products they use, and then find out that the new one uses something different.
2) If you use scented dryer sheets or like fabreeze, either rub the dryer sheet on the garment or ever so lightly spray the garment with fabreeze fabric spray (be sure to be far away so as not to spot the delicate garment with the spray).
3) Air out the garment in a room with a scented candle buring (make sure you like smell of the candle).

Thank you! I didn't know if cleaners used different chemicals or what. Do your dry clean clothes smell funky when the come home?

I've experienced a wierd smell before, but the one we use now is the cheep-o cleaners by the Kent JoAnnes. I don't notice any smell from there, but you may be more sensative than I, and we burn a lot of scented candles and cook lots of food and have a small house, so everything that comes into our home ends up smelling like our home in a few days.

I would like to find a good and inexpensive alterationist...but that's another topic. ;)

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