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It's 11:15 and my party is over. This is pretty sad, mostly from the timing perspective. If you consider that we started the party about 5, it's not really that bad. But I can't remember the last time that a party of mone went past midnight. For those of you that throw successful parties, what's your secret? How do you keep people interested?

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For one, booze. Secondly, it depends on the type of party - most of the time, I just get people together with food and/or drink, then play music until people feel like trickling out. For me, this is pretty successful until the 2 AM mark or so, but hell if I know what I'm doing "right".

You start them drinking late, though right? I think the oops was starting too early. People got tired. :) But it was good!

Better monster name tags. Kidding. :-) That game was fun, I'm already wondering what theme will be next. I thought it was much fun, but have kids and all. Sad to say but for longer running parties maybe you need to invite people half my age. Dude, pump up the, um, modern fluff-punk top 40 band.

People half your age would be tiny. I'm glad you could make it to the party. Hopefully, we can squeeze you in to the Christmas one too, so long as pygma_lion doesn't object. Like she'd object to more people at a party. :P They actually have nephes that are youngish, so would have stuff for the shorties to do too.

The more the merrier! I never even talk to half the people at my Christmas party. Of course, that's probably because I don't know half the people who show up.

And little ones are always welcome, so long as you don't mind their ears and eyes being filled with drunken sights and sounds. My nephews are immune, having grown up around this craziness. They generally play X-Box in the other room, unless they're mixing drinks for their auntie.

Oh, and my secret, I guess, is the white elephant gift exchange! All that hilarity makes people too drunk to drive home for at least four more hours.

That's very true. And I don't think I'll be howling and people to pick my gift this year. Less drinking before the exchange, I think. When you send out the invite, I'll include more people. Hehehehe.

It was a great party though! Everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Our Christmas party lasts later, but it doesn't start until 7 or 8. And I think the reason people stay longer is because I have already passed out by 10pm. So maybe my absence is the key.

No, I think it's the starting later thing. And also, drunken tired posting is bad. I think I crashed 5 minutes after posting this. :P

The party was a blast! We had tons of fun and I ate a ton of really fun candy and saw folks we hardly ever see any more...so it was great! On my part, I wasn't feeling too up to snuff on Saturday anyway, and after the 7-year-old's party, I was actually kinda beat. But next time, start later around 8. I think that will keep the party going longer...these things have a kind of flow...it's hard to keep them going too late into the night especially when people have nipperkins waiting back home :)

That's what I was thinking, at least after I sobered up. Silly me, posting after drinking. Hellooooo, audience? Brain so didn't work. ;)

It was a great party. Both Beth and I had lots of fun.

Sometimes its easy, sometimes its hard to keep things going late. It all depends on what people are talking about and what they have going on the next day, and/or kids (xerhino).

Most of our functions wrap up around 11:30-12:30....normally New Years Eve (when we host them) lasts longer because people then want to drink a bit longer....then it turns into New Years breakfast. :)

Is that Captain Morgan or Captain Obvious? I'm glad you guys had fun, I was worried what with you only knowing xerhino and all. Oooh, I'm glad to know it's not just me. I think we're getting old or something. :P

Sometimes the Captain is both....the more Captain I have in me, the more I become master of the obvious....:)

I've got no problem hanging with people I don't know...I can normally break into the group...however both Beth and I were a little out of practice so it took a bit, but that's cool.

Yes....I can only manage to party like a rockstar a couple of days a year, most of the time I party like a roadie or possibly a security guard... :)

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