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Lessons from the party

  1. Never post when drunk. Or slightly buzzed. Brain no worky, no writing in public forums. Yeesh.
  2. Hosting is easy when you prepare ahead of time.
  3. Sangria rocks.
  4. Starting at 5 is WAY to early. Being drunk and silly at 6PM is fun, but the night ends awfully soon. Also, people need to eat.
  5. Invite lots of people, less than half ever actually show.
  6. Do not provide projectiles to drunken boys.
  7. Party games are fun. And silly.
  8. Check all party games for accidental porn references with someone who would know. Some things just won't die once they've made their way into party vocabulary.
  9. My house is awesome, but very small. Party in the summer on the party deck.
Tags: advice, friends, holidays, psa
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