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Women and power

I'm trying to come to terms with this article pointed out by kitiara on the "problem with moderm women." I can't believe this pandering crap actually made it to print. My favorite quote: "women get penalized by insecure men for being too independent." You mean insecure men have problems with strong women? Wow, I'm shocked. I would never have guessed that on my own. Especially since insecure men don't have problems with strong men or anything like that. Sooo whiny and self-fulfilling.

Basing any relationship on a lie is a bad idea. Pretending to be weak and hard to get while "catching" a man (I love that imagery. Don't they realize they're using barbless hooks to go fishing?) just leads to having to pretend for the rest of your life. I guess actresses might not mind, but that's way too much work for me. I much prefer to associate with men and women who aren't afraid that who they are will piss someone off. Acting and putting up a mask is *certainly* going to piss me off, why not go for the possibility of acceptance?

Practically speaking, I'm not really surprised at the swinging of the pendulum back toward more conservative/patriarchial positions. Any change is like that, swinging the pendulum back and forth until the new middle ground is reached. We've seen it with every other societal change, so why should feminism be any different? It's going to take a while, and a lot of effort, so that the ability of women to determine what they want to do with thier lives free of socially imposed roles is the norm and not the exception.

I used to feel secure in the progress of women in general toward acceptance for whatever choice they made with their lives until recently. The backswing on the pendulum seems to be speeding up, not really in my personal life but rather in the political arena. I think that folks raised with women who were strong and independant (my mother, her female line back to my great grandmother and my paternal grandmother are shining examples) are less likely to be proponents of the game playing and manipulation, men and women included. Frankly, I think it's going to be a while before most of the society is ready for strong women, partially because several generations will have to die off for it to happen. This form of bigotry is like any other - it takes education and time to weed it out.

My niece is growing up with strong women, men that are comfortable with that fact and supportive family. I'm fairly sure that she won't have to resort to the manipulation and game playing that Dowd seems to be pushing. But then, I'm also hoping that someday she'll enlighten those around her with her acceptance of educated high powered women with families as the norm. And until the day comes when people stop talking about it as an exception, I'll be a feminist.

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I am woman, hear me roar.
Damn it's kinda tough. Recently I faced sexual harrasement in the work place. It was mild, but still really not appropriate. And the thing is, guys call it 'locker room' talk. If you wanna be one of the boys...ya gotta deal with sexist remarks. That's bull.

The HR department promised that everyone would be required to do an online training about what sexual harrassment is. Nothing yet, I forwarded an article to the director of HR a few weeks ago about having an anti-harrassment policy updated and in place. He said "great article" but didn't bother to tell me when the entire agency was going to complete their training.

Meanwhile it looks like the next Supreme Court Judicial nomination will be a man, halving the number we have on that bench.

The part the pisses me off the most are the woman who say "But at home is where I belong, you know, as a woman, taking care of children, we're just more nurturing creatures." Look, your choice is your own. I don't really care why you choose to do what you do with your life...but damn it...it's not how you were BORN it's your CHOICE!

that is all. Rant over...for now.

I would rant some more....it's not that its just a man....it's another white guy....lets see we have how many minorities on the Supreme Court? How many women?


I'm pissed about it for so many other reasons on top of those.

HR is stupid - they get paid a lot to be stupid.

Ugh, it's true I didn't even bother with the minority thing. Alito is first generation american from spain, I think. So maybe the Hispanic community claims him. I don't know, it's frustrating. I don't want to see every position of power filled by a token, what I want is to see ever position filled with people who marit the posititon and that bring balance to the court. Frankly, I'd love a split of male to female on the court and then a nice representation of both caucasions and people of color. Finally I'd like to see the court balanced with a few to the right, a few to the left and few swing hitters. All of whom base their decisions on the letter and rule of the law in reasonable parts and who appreciate the constitution as both a document of government and the people.

I don't think it should be filled by a token minority...but of all the judges in the country...I think more then 10% are women or minorities. I'm just a little frustrated that politics are playing into this more then they should. You should select someone baised upon their willingness to judge fairly, impartially, and with an open mind to arguements you've heard over and over. I think a panel of white men kind of shoots that because you have limited people arguing the apposing view point or writing the strong dissent.

Just so much wrong with how they are going about doing these things...totally agree that there should be a strong right, strong left and a large middle. Right now I'm worried that all we are going to have is a strong right.

Yeah, I really hate how they make it about which choice is right. The whole point is that now you have a choice to make instead of being pregnant all the time. Geez.

I am suprised at at the swing as far right as it has been. I think its because like most liberal causes, they failed to articulate new goals or reframe the debate after they achieved a margin of sucess. Because their is no organized concrete response it is easier to paint a picture of the opposition as what ever you want because its all true, and because you can paint that picture you can gain more ground.

It's the same thing with so many things on the left...too often it is "anyone but Bush..." or a total lack of response because they aren't willing to play the spin game. The instant the right started saying "Pergery isn't a real crime..." the left should have been all over them saying "Bullshit....you impeached a president over it..." It's the same thing with feminism. People focus on removing "man" from "woman" and spelling it with a y and not enough effort on the important stuff like wage dispearity, how medical laws are largely biased against women, how screwed up FLMA is, or the ever changing world of sexual harrasment. Things that matter.

Just my two cents worth as a guy.

are you really surprised? We're nearing the middle of a decade and the last one was pretty danged liberal. It seems to me that we're reaching the edge of the swing and getting poised to go back. But then, I was also looking at it from the point of view of the changes in the 40s and 50s.

Get back in your Burqa and the authorities may be lenient. Ok, kidding. I'm for strong women, strong beer, and strong governers. Except not really on that last part, California. Sorry, I'm in a silly mood. If I told you about work you'd wonder why I wasn't insane.

I think you are right about the solution:
> "This form of bigotry is like any other - it takes education and time to weed it out."

You mean you're not insane?

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