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Ahhh, the irony. Breaking a sunroof in Seattle.

So last month, it was the water heater. This month, it's the car. Tis the season for things to start breaking, I guess. In fact, it seems to be the month for deja vu. This time, it's the husbands car, but it was practically the same problem - the drain from his sunroof. Seems it plugged up or something, not quite sure what, but that the resulting puddles in the car and the drivers side door ate one of the control mechanisms. Of course, the part costs a zillion dollars, takes time to order, and the installation requires extensive labor. On top of having to have the car towed to the mechanic. Feh.

The worst part is that this problem seems to occur regularly and is easily preventable by checking the drains during regular maintenance. I'm glad that my husband is considering contacting the Attorney General, they really should be performing this maintenance with the oil changes. I mean, they're vacuuming the car anyway, why not spend 5 minutes and vacuum out these drain tubes?

Alright, I'm done whining now. That was annoying. But this is going to cost an arm and a leg, so I needed to get it out.

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Sorry to hear about all the crap going on.....

Soon it will end. Soon!

That's so weird. Husband's old Toyota in college had just about everything wrong with it, but the one thing that didn't malfunction was the sunroof. Actually, the sunroof jammed and couldn't close all the way, but it still didn't leak. Maybe it's a VW thing.

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