savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Minimo: Trick or Treat

OK, here's the flash fiction I promised. A little late, but not much. This is very loosely based upon actual events from Halloween.

She hit the lock button on the remote again, aiming it carefully at the car. Nothing happened – no click, no beep, nothing. Of course this would happen today. The car had to be freaking out on Halloween of all nights. She’d been in and out of the house several times trying to figure out why the alarm was going off. There didn’t appear to be any logical reason for it, she was tempted to blame the flashing of the lights on pranksters that were undoubtedly hiding in the bushes and snickering every time she’d come out of the apartment.

She had to keep running back in, interrupting her fretting and troubleshooting every time kids would appear. It was odd to see so many of them, but she enjoyed all of the costumes. The little demon had been her favorite – he was very polite after hissing at her initially and his costume looked hand made. Of course, having a parent peering over his should probably did hurt any.

She looked up form her car, noticing the trick or treater approaching from the street. Exasperated, she opened the car door, locked it manually and headed back for the door. It really would have been smarted to turn off the lights and discourage them, but it was rainy and dark out and she didn’t want to rely on just her flashlight.

It looked like this might be the last of the stragglers though. The kid was all alone, walking up the path with his flashlight, a plastic shopping bag for candy and a costume that looked like it had come straight from leftover clothes in the closet. She stepped inside as he reached the bottom of the steps to her front door, reaching around to grab the bucket of candy she’d laid on the floor. But the time she straightened up, he was in the doorway behind her.

“Trick or treat.” The bandanna underneath his eyes muffled his voice.

“Happy Halloween. That’s a great bandit costume.”

“Thanks. So what were you doing with my car?” The boy laughed, it was oddly low pitched.

“Excuse me? Your car?”

“Just hand me the keys.”

It was then that she noticed the gun peeking out from behind the empty bag of candy.
Tags: car, flash fiction, nanowrimo, story, writing
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