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Opera smash

I've finally posted my rather nasty review of The End of the Affair as an opera. It's up at my site, for those of you that don't get the syndicated feed.
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sucked so very very much...

Do you think I missed any big points in my review?

No....but I don't think you made enough of how much it sucked.... :)

Really? It wasn't clear enough that it was horrible? Hey, you should write a review!

Oh, did the opera peopole call you begging for money? The one I talked to was almost apologetic that I didn't like the show. But then, he was begging for money.

I don't answer the phone anymore when the opera calls... :) Caller ID is a beautiful thing...

I was kidding....the review was plenty clear how much the suck sucked.....There are no words for how it made me feel, so I cannot express how much it sucked other then to go:

"Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, porn, suck, suck, gas that smells really bad, suck suck suck suck...."

Why is it that there's always someone that has really bad gas at the opera? Is there a law or something?

Yes, CallerID rocks. I've finally captured them and will ignore them forever!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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