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Went to the dentist this morning before coming to work. This is never a stressful trip for me because I have the best dentist in the world. I've been going to the same guy since I cut my first tooth - in fact, he came to my wedding. The only thing I worry about is that some day this man is going to retire. I'm still going to have teeth then, and this makes me really nervous. In fact, I had anxiety dreams about it this weeks - trying to find another dentist that isn't insane is definitely not at the top of the list of things I want to have to worry about.

This morning, in addition to the good news that he's pushing my xrays to 3 year intervals, I found out that I actually share a hygenist with my dad. This is hilarious because she's a wonderful and talkative person, so she gets to hear about both of our versions of the family. She, along with the rest of the free world, loves my dad. He's always got a smile for everyone and tells stories wonderfully. He's the best storyteller I've ever met, even making his time in the mine sound interesting. It seems that he's been bragging about the workbench we just finished and telling people his plans of making a trip around the country on his motorcycle with his brothers.

So now, it seems that I owe pictures of the workbench to my dentist. That's one of the weirdest sounding things I've ever typed.

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I'm pretty loyal to my dentist, I've converted my hubby to seeing him. He doesn't run a 'shiney here are all the new things' office. Instead, he runs a 'teeth are important but basically simply' kind of office. He the right balance of proactive and reactive (he won't drill and fill every tooth in your mouth just to prevent future decay but he's very clear about when there is an oral problem that needs to be addressed). He's done a crown and a filling for me now as well as fitted me for a grinding guard that I wear at night to keep me from filing down my own teeth. Every time I've been in his chair I've been super comfortable. He tells you what is going to happen and exactly how it can feel. He always over estimates and warns when something could be painful and he has a great humor about him. His assistants and hygenists are all really fun. He should be in practice for at least two more decades if he follows in his dad's footsteps (the office still has Dad's name on the door along with his own). Anyway, he's in Burien. So if your dentist is retiring soon, that's the guy I suggest.

Thank you! When mine eventually retires (if he ever does...) I'll definitely call you.

Yeah....I feel that way about my eye doctor....been going to since my eyesight went down hill. It was really cool when I was a kid to say "I'm going to see Dr. Hyde..." :)

His kids are in college, and sometime he's going to retire, and that will be sad. But hopefully they refer you to someone who you can have the same kind of relationship with. He is as invested with you more then likely as you are in him

He's got a new partner. Well, I say new, but it's really been about 5 years or so that the guy's been there. I won't see him unless its impossible to see the regular guy. I just... don't like him. He's icky.

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