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The man can read!

To entertain himself inthe car, my husband reads signs aloud. Generally these come without context, so I never know if he requires response or even if I'm supposed to know what the heck he's talking about. This morning, of course, was no exception. We're driving to work and have the following exchange:

Husband: I wonder why they chose span a colon.
Me: ???!?
H: It's just really weird.
Me: (Looks around, notices truck with Spana: as logo on random truck)
H: Why would you put a colon at the end of a name?
Me (laughing): I had no idea you were talking about that truck. I thought you were asking me why people would span a colon. I didn't even know what spanning a colon meant!

Normal conversation ensues. Then later:
H: I hope we're visitor free this week.
Me: You're context-free today aren't you.

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Your icon reminds me I must cancel our little scrapfest tonight. Too Too Too many things to do to prepare for the trip and stuff.

Ack! I must finish the pages I'm working on! Where will I get inpiration! Ack!

Where anyone can get insperation.....alcholol or drugs or both.....

Any day that is free of context is a good day.

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