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Cat poo

Still planning out this new house - tryingn to get in some of the more difficult bits, particularly since there's lots of planning time. One of the things I hate about having indoor cats is that they must have a litter box. My last cat was indoor/outdoor and wouldn't use one. In fact, if it had been used even once and he was trapped inside, he'd go in the bathtub. Ick.

Anyway, I'm trying to come up with good place to stash the litter box in the new house. This is harder than it sounds, as I don't like the idea of using the laundry/utility room or the bathroom. In my apartment (before I had a Costco card) I put the thing in the cabinet in the bathroom, but there really wasn't much choise, unless I wanted it in the bedroom with me. I think that's where the cats picked up the bathroom obsession, but I can't be sure.

So, poll.

Poll #614126 Litter box

Where do you/have you stored a litter box?

Utility room
Laundry room
Somewhere infinitely more clever that I'll share in the comments.

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Also closets and dressing-room areas near bathrooms.

In the ghetto apartment, the litter box was in the hall closet closest to the bathroom.

Since you're pipe-dreaming, you should search online and see what people do. I know I've seen custom made litter box cabinets that looked like actual furniture.

I was thinking of putting in a space in the wall for it, so it wouldn't be something that you tripped over, but I can't think of anything other than under the linens and thats just icky.

You could do it on an outside wall for it to be vented to the outside....

Oooh, good idea. I'm really looking for a way to get the thing out from underfoot, and a cubby in the wall seems... easiest.

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