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Yellow journalism

I am hugely and unashamedly enjoying the lament of one reader over at officialgaiman. Some poor kid wrote in that:
My Idea of true journalism is to hold people accountable for what they do, be a watchdog for the common man, and not get caught up in political/financial partisan hackery for self advancement.

I can't think of that happening too much anymore.
Yesterday, I listened to a radio package where the focus of the story was "how it can be dangerous to walk all day in a concrete mall." Meaning people might drop dead from the strain on their heart from WALKING.

This is not journalism. This is theatre. This is the grand stage of mediocrity. Praying on peoples fears and offending them by talking down to them.

I'm sorry, but this really makes me giggle. My husband and I will periodically have conversations that revolve around this subject. He wasn't aware that yellow journalism was the standard about a hundred years ago. News has always been theater. It's just a little more obvious now. One of the many reasons I can't watch it on TV and can barely stand it in the papers. They try so hard to pretend that they're just telling a story when it's not even remotely the same. But then, its sort of like debating the difference between fact and truth. There's always interpretation.
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If it bleeds it leads.

I don't really think that it has been so long ago that journalizm took the shift it did. There have been some good journalists within my life time, but most have been losers.

It's all about taking the grain of salt with what ever information they try to give you.

Shift? I see no shift, I still see yellow. Maybe paler, but really. Tell me that the writers at the Times (pick a city, any city) don't have an agenda. That their rhetoric isn't blatant throughout any story you read.

:) I expect the Times (any one of them) to have an agenda. They are a local paper and should have a slant towards what ever direction they lean. The exception to that is the AP stories. I expect them to be generaly agenda neutral, and I'm generally happy about how they do it and I feel that it is relatively free of it.

The "national news" and "international news" reporting (done by AP and TV news) I think is sliding more and more a way I don't like. But there have been good news people (Cronkite, Murrow, Collingwood are a few) who honestly tried to report the news as bias free as they could.

But that's the problem...I expect local news to have bias. National news should be as free of it as possible. But that doesn't happen as much now, so when I look at news I tend to read some German, British and a wide variety of American sources to get my news/do a bias check.

I just don't expect that any news would be bias-free, I guess. Too much tradition. :) Looking at multiple sources reduces the amount/effect of it, but everything just feels like an editorial. Maybe I've done too much mediation, but I always expect that bias will be there no matter how hard someone tries to eliminate it. We all just perceive stuff differently.

Sorry, didn't mean to sound like I was jumping down your throat there.

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