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Sudafed is bad for sleeping

I made the mistake of taking a Sudafed before bed last night to try to control the sniffles. About midnight, I woke up with my brain acting like it was on speed or something. I had insane visions of homunculi in battle trying to fit themselves into a 9x9 grid (I blame Sudoku for the grid). It took about half an hour for me to figure out that I needed to actually focus on something to get the insane visions to stop. So I spent the next fifteen minutes or so trying to wrangle my brain back into some sense of order.

So today I'm a bit tired, even though I'm somewhat wired. And I'm the only one in this 6 person cube (Oooh, scary snow outside! It's 1/4 inch deep!), so you'll pardon me if I'm a bit silly today.

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The classic, I think. Just decongestant, no additives. And yes, I had to ask the pharmacist for it. Of course, that was also about the time they took the *matches* off the shelves for the same reason. Damn meth addicts.

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