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(no subject)

The other day, my husband and I were watching Mona Lisa Smile... don't ask me why; somehow it ended up on the Netflix list. I think it must have been due to the Maggie Gyllenhaal connection. Anyway, it was a pretty crappy chick flick, except for one bit where the main character is accused of trying to make her students into her image, not letting them choose for themselves.

I think this is the point where feminism is stuck today. The loudest of the feminists have forgotten that its about choice - allowing each person to choose the role that they want to play and not have it be pre-ordained by their gender. I guess that's part of the reason that I call myself a feminist and not one of the other pretty PC names. I'm tired of letting conservatives define terms and win the psycological war that way. If you concede your definitions at the beginning of the fight, what position do you have to defend?

Anyway, I'm glad to see that we're making progress in the struggle to make life roles gender neutral. My sister-in-law and her husband live in Spokane (it's a fairly conservative town) and he's just taken over the role of stay at home parent so that she could start working full time. And from the stories they told over Thanksgiving, there are several other stay at home husbands that he gets to pal around with, which is very encouraging.

(partially spawned by altoidsaddicts fantastic rant against the rape meme/emails)

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I'm draggin my feet on making my femme post. Maybe I'm not that into it. Maybe I just don't think about it that much. I gues both are true. But lots of women bloggers seem to have a femme stand, and I know that if I sat down to write it out...I would have a good one too.

Anyway, I appreciate you bringing the topic into my online blog-o-sphere.

Look forward to some kind of stand from me at some point ;)

I'm looking forward to that post, when you get around to it. I can't wait to see the perspective you bring. :)

Somehow, this topic just got under my skin and has been poking me ever since. I actually surprise myself with my reactions to stuff sometimes. :)

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