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Weird behavior on the freeway

This morning, trying to entertain myself while stuck in traffic, I noticed some of the behavior of the people driving around me more than I usually do. I noted, and was amused by, the motorcyclist with a Mountain Dew strapped to his front forks. I also noticed this freak who I ended up driving behind for several miles. I cannot believe what he was doing while driving, and so must share the story.

I noticed as I was watching him go by and preparing to get behind him that his passenger window was open. This struck me as odd, particularly as it was cold and he had no passenger. I could see a window open if he were a smoker, however no smoker I know uses the passenger window for this purpose. After I moved into the space behind him the man kept looking to the right, continually turning away from his rush-hour-stop-and-go driving to face the car beside him. The driver of the white Bronco (or are they called Escapes now?) also had their window open so it appeared that this crazy man in front of me was trying to have a conversation with whomever was driving the car. This seemed especially likely since it appeared he was also pacing the car in the slow lane. How on earth he thought he could talk to a person in another car over the freeway noise while commuting is still beyond me.

Finally traffic forced the man (who I'd decided at this point was insane) to push forward and stop pacing the Bronco. As we're moving forward, I noticed that this guy is looking at everything. He looks at the big brightly colored trucks, but he's paying particular attention to cars with women in them. In fact, the driver of the Bronco was a woman, and didn't seem to be aware that the guy in front of me had been staring at her. In fact, about the time I figured out that this guy was probably trying to pick up women on the freeway while commuting, I noticed that he seemed to be staring at me in the rearview mirror. It totally creeped me out.

After changing lanes to get to my exit, I checked out the guys passenger window. It was closed, as I expected. I wonder if that poor woman had any idea he'd been trying to have a conversation with her.

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There are reasons that some people are single. I saw a guy try to pick up a woman at a gas station once. I thought that was creepy and weird, but at least they weren't endangering everyone in rush hour traffic. geez.

That's just creepy. Hassling someone who's trying to get gas is just... hassling. How could that possibly be seen as a good way to get a date?

I have so many things to say about "front forks" I can't see straight. Hopefully it's motorcycle lingo, and not something anatomical.

Um, yes. It's the part of the motorcycle that holds the front wheel and connects to the handle grips. I'm not sure that I ever want to know what you're thinking about that's related to anatomy.

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