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Proper use of the word "kitten"

trista, look! From Wikipedia:

 An immature cat is called a kitten (which is also an alternate name for young rats, rabbits, hedgehogs, beavers, and squirrels).

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This prompted me to go to Trista's blog, and then it prompted me to ask myself how you know Trista. Now I'm responding to the urge to comment and all of this is really just procrastination from data entry.

Mmmm, LJ and its friend of a friend of a friend. She's fantastic though. And frickin' hilarious.

I heart you. :)


My ego is uncontrollable now.

Isn't it great when the truth makes life better?

*sap sap sap*

I have now sapped all over your journal. *smooch*

Argh! And I have no Goop to get rid of it!

See? This is why it is The Dreaded trista SapFest.

I knew it! They're all kittens! There are mouse kittens and ferret kittens and weasel kittens and people kittens!

I'm willing to bet that Mouse Kittens fall into the same category as TristaLogic and TristaCompass. :-)

So this means that in Adventures in Babysitting, when Brenda picks up the little white furry creature in the bus station and calls it a kitten, even though it is a giant rat but she can't tell because the old lady stole her glasses, then she's not really as wrong as the janitors think when they laugh at her.

Mmm, I guess. She was still pretty dumb to snuggle a rat though.

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