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From one English teachers account of teaching in Japan:
There was one letter though that really threw everyone for a loop, including the teacher. The American student was talking about his favorite holidays, and he wrote something to the extent of "My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, which is the resurrection of Jesus."

I'm sure most if not all of you reading have had some experience studying at least a second language. Now, try to think about how to say "resurrection of Jesus" in your non-native language. ...Kinda hard, isn't it? Now imagine a Japanese schoolboy trying to make sense of this sentence, when just a few weeks ago he was working on "I have many comic books." And THEN factor in that Japan isn't really a Christian society*, and there's no reason why they'd even know who Jesus is.


*There is Christianity in Japan, but it's by no means the norm.

Even the teacher was baffled by this, so they called me over to help. "Well, resurrection means when someone who's died comes back to life." I explained to the student. He nods in understanding. "Okay," he says, "now, who's this Jesus character?" Again, Christmas in Japan is all about the man in the big red suit. "Well, Jesus was a man..." I start to say. Before I can even finish my sentence, the boy looks up and me and says "Oh! So, Jesus was a zombie then?"

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This doesn't match my experience in Japan, which is fairly limited. But I should say:

Santa Claus is not featured there during the holiday season. Reindeer and trees, yes. Not Santa. Santa is sufficiently obese that he's socially unacceptable.

And Christian imagery around Christmas (mostly the cross) is pretty prominent. More so than reindeer or decorated trees. Department stores (in Tokyo and Osaka) have big crosses lit up with christmas lights and posters saying "Celebrate the Birth". It may very well be just another shopping occasion, but I came away thinking that there had been a fairly significant adoption of the "Jesus is the reason for the season" meme.

Maybe the kids she was teaching were really young. Anyway, I love that Jesus is a Zombie comment! LOL

Yes! Zombies are the universal language!

I actually wonder if this guys is for real or whether he's some bot or someone posing as... whatever. But he's making me laugh, so I don't really care if its fiction or not. Just the idea of Jesus as a zombie just about killed me.

The Onion had a fantabulous collection of Easter slogans one year. My favorite was Easter: Redeemed in the Blood of the Walking Undead.

That is hilarious! do the walking undead have blood? Or does it dry up and get all crusty?

Maybe they carry it around in a jar? Sort of like keeping your tonsils after you have them removed.

Eeeew! I bet you'd have to keep it in the fridge. And then what if someone mistakes if for ketchup?

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