savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Extreme baking

Over the weekend, while on a mad baking spree, I was getting the zest ready for the cranberry-orange bread. Of course for the quantity we needed, I was using a regular old cheese grater on the 3 oranges. I was paying close attention to what I was doing up until my husband dragged himself out of bed.

See, I'm a little paranoid around graters because I don't have a particularly good relationship with them. If I'm not giving the things 100% of my attention, they like to bite me. They're like jealous dogs that way. So I try to take all possible precautions around them. In fact, I even picked up one of the free standing graters because then there's one less thing to worry about.

So my husband comes into the kitchen and starts asking a million questions. What should he be doing? How should he do it? What color is the sky? I swear, if there's someone around to consult, going to the bathroom requires a Q&A session.

I looked up to talk to him just long enough to grate the knuckle on my thumb. Yes, I'm an idiot. I knew the risks and looked up anyway. And now I have 2 scabs on my thumb to remind me that cheese graters are vicious. At least I didn't bleed into the zest. And the bandaid kept most of the stuff out of my gashes.
Tags: baking, clumsy, wounds
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