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(no subject)

And now for an example of Bad Santa:
[T]he men, wearing ill-fitting Santa costumes, threw beer bottles and urinated on cars from an overpass, said Auckland Central Police spokesman Noreen Hegarty.

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The Aussies know how to celebrate Christmas....


Too bad these guys were from New Zealand. :P

:P I thought some were there from Australia too....there were like 40 of them... :)

You hear about the Sanata in German that was robbing postoffices....?

Well, it is the best disguise ever. Who would suspect Santa? And the costume is a full body cover and common enough that it would be easy to get away.

I can see you've thought about this ;-)

Well, yes. Frighteningly enough. Haven't you ever seen Bad Santa?

No, but with a name like that I expect it to be starring Ron Jeremy.

It's even creepier. Billy Bob Thornton in several sex scenes. Eeeeew.

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