savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Fireplace and workbench pictures

So, a billion and one years ago, I promised pictures of the renovated living room. For those of you that have already peeked at the Halloween picures, you've seen most of it. With people even. But I want to draw your attendtion to my fantastic fireplace. I'm so proud of this thing I want to take it to the next house when we move. Well, not really. But it was a fantastic first shot at doing tiling. Make sure that you note that the cat is not sleeping in the cat bed but rather guarding the fireplace with devil eyes.


Also, we moved and photographed the workbench. Can I just say that I never actually thought my Dad would give it up? In fact, I think he's still suffering separation anxiety. So we're giving him a picture in his stocking at Christmas. Sssh, don't tell.

Workbench displayed

And just so you know, moving that thing was a bitch. It took a chain winch and 3 people to get it on the trailer and 7 people to get it off without breaking anything. When we move, the movers can haul it.
Tags: house renovations, pictures, woodworking
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