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(no subject)

This week, my husband got to hear the dueling sirens activity of the police. I slept right through it, but he woke up. I think he thought I was insane while I was trying to describe the sounds I'd heard. Describing  the oddness that was what seemed to be 2 police cars having a conversation with their sirens doesn't make you sound sane. Anyway, he finally got to hear it and was amazed at how... surreal it is to have 2 police cars periodically whooping nearby. I really would like to move now. Particularly as I'm now wondering how many of these insane sessions I've slept through.

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Excellent sinfest icon. I thought I was the only one I knew who read it.

Thank you, I like it very much. Do you read the feed off LJ? I think littlejigman reads it also.

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