savannah (onsafari) wrote,


1. How will you be ringing in the New Year?
At least one party - finally hooked back up with the KTD group and their crazy shindigs.

2. How do you wish you were ringing in the New Year?
Pretty much the way I'm doing it. I just wish that all my friends would go to the same party.

3. Do you have any traditions that you observe on New Year's Day intended to bring you luck for the upcoming year?
My mother always makes a snack-type lunch. This year, I have to go to make sure Dad can drop off some brochures before his last day of work.

4. Do you make resolutions? Do you keep them?
Heh. I tried once. It was silly. I need a reason to start doing something differently, and a specific date doesn't do it.

5. Would you ever have plastic surgery?
Um, what? No. I don't need any more scars, thanks.
Tags: flyday fyve, holidays
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