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(no subject)

It's official, I had the dumbest recruiter ever. Yesterday I got an email from the nice lady who handled my hours and paycheck and stuff wondering if the lack of reported hours was correct. Well, yes, since the job ended 12/31, yeah. No hours. Anyway, it seems that my lame-ass recruiting team (there are 2 of them, and no, they don't actually talk) managed to leave her out of the loop on the fact that the job ended. She's going to send me the end-of-job paperwork. I just hope that it fucks up their accounting or something. Those guys were really incompetent.

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time for a new placement professional team.

I think a Tuesday evening filled with sushi would help you better comprehend the workings of those knobs. And if it didn't, at least your tummy would be filled with yummy goodness.

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