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Fish are Dumb

So this morning we had a bit of a breakthrough. The black moor has finally figured out that if I walk up to the tank, there may be food at the surface! It's really sad to be excited about something like this, but I've had the fish for nearly a week and the danged thing ignored me last night. Instead, he picked at the live plants while the other two were very excited about coming to visit. I just dropped the food in, hoping the little idiot would catch on eventually.

I'm worried about this one because the last 2 fish I tried to introduce to this tank died. The calico oranda had ick, which I didn't catch in time, and the panda oranda eventually just died. I think he starved to death because he was so skinny at the end. That's just not right, especially compared to the little fatties I've got right now. Some of the books I'm reading claim that goldfish are smart, at least compared to other fish. I'm not sure I buy it. How do you starve to death in a tank where the food sinks and you eat off the bottom? Especially when there are edible plants? Argh.

Anyway, this fish has finally figured out that a person approaching means food. He's still convinced that the only good food is at the surface, and bubbles are there for him to eat. He doesn't seem to understand that the sinking bits are edible too. And heaven forbid one of the sinking bits should touch him - this incudes panic and swimming away from the food altogether. But he's not dead yet and I'm watching to make sure that he doesn't get too skinny, supplementing with other foods when it looks like he hasn't eaten for a while. Danged fish are spoiled now.

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We finally got our aquarium set up. It's a 55 Gallon and we only have 9 neon tetras in it. Ha! Well our daughter liked them and we thought we better make sure the tank had cycled before we go on to nicer fish.

Last time I had fish they were Tanganyican cichlids. Julie's and Lemon Yellow Neolamphrologus something or other. They were a little aggresive, but well matched. This time I think we're just going to get something simple and let the kids enjoy them.

Neon tetras are fun! They're shiny and, well, shiny. We've got a few in the downstairs tank, with the new betta. I bet your kids will love helping pick out the rest of the fish to fill a 55 gallon tank. Do you use real or fake plants?

Yeah, so that was me. Stupid firefox in this Linux box.

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