savannah (onsafari) wrote,

"Raw" cat food update

So the great cat food experiment is going rather well. They're eating mostly wet food now, with a little dry on the side to keep them from waking me up at 3AM. One of the things I'm finding is that they're pretty particular about which foods they like. Of course, it seems that the stinkier the food, the better they like it. But they're easy to feed if I stick to a regular schedule, mostly because they're actually hungry by that time.

We had a vet appointment last week, and when I mentioned that we're switching to wet, she knew right off that it was for weight control. In fact, she seemed to approve of going to wet, and mentioned the insulin resistance and diabetes that tends to go with dry food. So I'm feeling really good about this switch especially because my cats are so big. My orange guy is almost 18 pounds, but he's practically a Maine Coon, so he should be about 15 or so. But still, 3 pounds of extra weight is a lot on such a small scale.

The vet was so supportive of the switch, she gave me a list of foods to try. The top of the list were all Friskies kitten foods, I guess because of the high protein content. She specifically said to stay away from ones with lots of gravy because the gravy is corn starch based and kind of defeats the purpose. It's funny to watch these guys wolf down kitten food. It's like a contest to see who can have the stinkiest breath or something. But they're also acting more like kittens. There's a lot more romping and skittering across the floor since they've started eating the wet food. It's almost like they had a bad case of food coma before and now they're coming out of it.
Tags: cats, nutrition
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