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(no subject)

The weekend was boring, watching football all Saturday (which was quite exciting, but nothing interesting to write about) and running a few errands Sunday. Yesterday, however, saw the start of the effort to finish the reflooring. We Moved a lot of junk out of the downstairs and even decided to repaint. Most of the big stuff is moved, so I can get to the rest by myself. Pulling the carpet and trim will be easy, as will repairing cracks and celaning/painting the walls. We still have to finalize on a color though. I'll be picking up more paint chips today.

The best part of the whole process was pulling out the bookshelf that hasn't moved in 5 years. There were way too many icky things behind it and now they're all gone. I think this means we're finally spider-free. It's a wonderful feeling.

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So, you're a busy little bee if you'll be painting and finishing the flooring in your home! I'm impressed.

Yeah, but this will be easy compared to the upstairs. I'm so glad we did it in this order.

I thought our house was spider free until the furnace people cleaned out our ducts with their giant duct vacuum truck. The guy told me.... ah I better not tell you. You'd just stay up all night thinking about it.

Thanks for the image. As long as I can't see the egg sacks any more, I'll consider myself done. :)

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