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(no subject)

My Mac is dead. I can't even express how angry this makes me. I love that computer! It's been perfect for what I use it for and my husband doesn't get to touch it. But for some reason it won't power on, so I have to take it in for "service." Dammit, I would do the servicing myself, but there's really no access to the machine or parts so I can't. What kind of crappy plan is that? But then, I'm the idiot that bought an eMac instead of a normal machine with accessible pieces. I was seduced by the cute factor. Never again.

The funny part is that my husband offered to "fiddle" with it to see if he could make it work. I told him to keep his hands off, as I'd already done all the troubleshooting I could find online and even called Apple Care. "Fiddle" with it. Sheesh.
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After that I expect you've nicknamed your hubby "Nero"? ;)

Soooo tempted. Like fiddling with anything is a good idea. The house might burn down!

The roof! The roof! Hmm, that might have been funny six years ago, never mind ;-)

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