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I'm not a white wine drinker. Most of them are either too sweet or too harsh for me to drink. In fact, I'm pretty hard to please when it comes to wine. I like reds, but most taste chalky to me before I'm even done with one glass. I like Gewurztraminer with Asian food, but after a while it's too cloying to finish. I really like chateauneuf du pape, but it has the same chalky taste that the other reds have. I was just starting to think that I'd have to put up with this sort of weird flavor when I discovered Orvieto.

I'm absolutely in love with this wine. There was none of the usual weird white fruit attack or heavy oak flavor, and it avoided being chackly ot too cloying in the finish. I want this to be my table wine. If only every restaurant would serv it, I would be happy. But it's hard enough to get a decent red around here, let alone a relatively obscure white. I must find a local vendor so that I can stock up on this wonderful drink.