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Cat diet and stress

Yesterday my kitties went off to have their teeth cleaned. This always stresses me out because they have to be put under for the procedure and I'm just certain that something will go wrong and one will die. So I ended up with a migraine and they came home dazed but fine. Yes, I'm a paranoid idiot sometimes.

Anyway, the cats were weighed for this appointment, and it seems that the new diet is working. My little porker is down from 17.75 pounds to 16, and my girl is down from 11 to 10. So just a little more weight on his side and they'll be in their ideal ranges again. All this from switching to wet food. Of course, they don't want to eat the "good" stuff, they just want Fancy Feast, which is similar to Friskies kitten and made by the same company. I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. That much weight lost in under two months makes me a little nervous, but they don't seem to be suffering at all. In fact, my little porker goes into a food coma after eating his fill, so I'm pretty sure he's not starving to death.
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