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Does it make me a geek if I'm excited about working on the electrical in my home? This weekend I get to change a light switch to a swithc/outlet combo and I'm excited about doing it.

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It does a little, yes. But that is a marvelous thing. :)

As if you needed more points towards geekdom ;-) It does sound cool though. It's sooo much better to have an outlet conveniently nearby than run an extension cord around the room.

Not any more than the other things you get excited about.

Like fish.

Or putting up moldings.

Or David Bowie.

Wait just a minute here!

Let it be said that David Bowie rocks! Also, it's not a geek thing to like electricity exactly. It's just weird. If I have some electrical thingy to deal with in our house, I'm calling you. I hate dealing with house stuff like that. You're not crazy, just handy. I am not handy.

No.....it doesn't....it means you have skills

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