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Weekend Update

I've been pretty busy over the last couple of days, using new tools, building stuff and finishing up stuff. Friday I went and visited my Dad. We spent the morning looking for bookcase plans so we can make my birthday present - two new bookcases. We finally settled on this plan, hopefully we'll be able to get the wood this week and get started. We spent some time checking out types of wood and grain patterns so I can get something that will go with the rest of the house. Afterward, I helped him make thank you cards so he can send out his retirement thank you notes. We stuck a picture of him on his motorcycle on the front of some blank cards and they turned out beautifully. I never thought I'd be able to say that I introduced my Dad to simple card making. That's just crazy.

Saturday, Dad came down to help us put bird blocks in the eaves of the house. The birds have been using the ventilation holes for nesting, and since we just painted the house we needed to prevent them from doing it this ear. Dad has an extendable ladder, so he brought that down to help us get up there. Afterward, my husband and I picked up the supplies we needed for doing the electrical work and building the new cat tree that will save the new drapes from becoming climbing toys. We even managed to get most of the electrical work done, but for some reason the new outlet wasn't working as expected (and it was getting dark) so we had to leave the power off. Troubleshooting electical work isn't a good thing to do when you're tired, so I'm very glad that we quit when we did.

Sunday we were able to finish the electrical (one wire wasn't clamped down properly, so the copper wasn't touching the outlet right) and get that back together. That was one of the best things we've done for this house in a while. We replaced a non-functioning light switch with a functional GFCI outlet. So now I can put my 10 gallon fish tank in the best place for it. We also managed to get some work done on the new cat tree. I got to use the radial arm saw, sabre saw and drill successfully. I'm so excited about this I can hardly stand it. I've been fighting with drills ever since I first tried to use one, and yesterday I conquered the dang thing. It will now do what I want. I'm still scared of the motre saw (it jumps when you start the blade), but the radial arm saw is no sweat at all. I'm hoping that Dad will let me use most of his tools while we're making the bookcases. I need the practice on the table saw and biscuit cutter.
Tags: house renovations, weekend recap, woodworking
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