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Our House

This house is conspiring against my sanity. We've started half-heartedly looking for the property we'll build on and so I igured it was a good idea to get the prequalifying for the loan out of the way. You know, just to have an idea of how much we can spend on stuff. The numbers came back and really freaked me out with how high they are. I just wasn't expecting that sort of thing. So I started thinking that maybe we should wait a bit longer and be patient.

And then about 20 minutes later my husband comes in and says that the front gutter is trying to separate itself from the house. This house is trying to tell us to get out before it crashes down around our ears. We were half thinking of renting it out, but at this point I'll be happy to get rid of it and let the next idiot repair everything that'll break in the next 5 years.
Tags: house building, house renovations, what the?!?
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