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I am an idiot.

I'm finally getting around to scanning wedding pictures en masse. You'd think I would have done this at some point in the past, but no. There really wasn't any pressing need and scanning one picture at a time for 13 rolls of 36 exposure film takes way too much time. But now I need to actually put the wedding scrapbook together (I've had the album for ages with nothing in it) because I really need to get a good sample together. And what better sample than your own wedding? Also, I finally figured out that this scanner will let me do more than one picture at a time while separating the images into multiple files. Duh. There ought to be a special school for people like me.

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I'm impressed that you are getting to them this soon. Way to motivate!

Well, I figured that we're coming up on our 4 year anniversary, so I may aw well get it done. Geez, now I feel like a total slacker.

My folks don't have a wedding album yet. They just passed 36 years together.

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