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My brother has officially purchased a wedding venue. They're doing some remodelling on it and then they'll be holding a grand opening (hopefully in time to catch this years brides). He's really excited about this which is good as it's going to take up a lot of his time from now until the opening. The crazy people are doing most of the remodelling work themselves. They're absolutely insane.

Anyway, he's asked me to build them a scrapbook to raffle off at the opening, in addition to having a booth/display onsite. So that makes 3 scrapbooks that I have to have done for their opening in May, none of which I've started. Somehow I think I'm going to be offline alot in the next few months.

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Here is what I say. Purchase papers and accessories that match, and purchase them all at once. I would suggest that one of your books be in shades of white, ivory, grey and black...maybe with a touch of pink and blue. And that book would be best for black & white photos. Next up, fall colors...you know I'd love to work on this one. Finally, spring/summer colors. The scrap books should probably be no more than 20 pages. Also, are these all for sale, raffle, auction...or will there be pictures in at least one of them? Perhaps of your wedding? I seem to recal a thread for awhile back about that. Anyway, let me know if you need help. I have purchased a scrapbook mostly premade for my France Trip. But them photos have got to get into the book sometime after the 2nd of April. :)

3 scrapbooks? Hey, how does the progression go? Does this mean next year at this time you'll be doing 30 a month? 50? 100?

That would be amazing. I think it's more like 3 this month, none next, who knows after that.

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