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Today is full of good news. First, and biggest, is that the plumbing is done! My father and husband worked on it all weekend, planning the new pipe configuration and soldering the copper pipe. It took half of a day to figure out what the heck all the extra pipes that lead into the foundation were or. I swear, the guy who designed this house was an idiot. Everything here is twice as complicated as it needs to be.

Anyway, the leak from the kitchen sink that was making a mess in the garage is fixed, as is the fact that our water pressure was too high and the shutoff valve in the house was broken.  This is all really goo, as it would have cost a zillion dollars to fix when we try to sell this house. Also, it's much better to know that we don't have to worry about calling a plumber out again. Those guys are scary.

The other good news is that I seem to be fashionable in the job world right now. I've got a prelim interview on Tuesday and a recruiter pulling for me for another job. So far, today rocks.

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awesome! So let me just say that i think it's amazing and insane that you did plumbing stuff yourself! Second let me say that I don't understand why it would be more to fix it during the sale...except that it would effect the price you could get. Finally let me just say congrat on the interview and I hope you get what you want!

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