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Raw catfood

I've had a minor victory and a setback in the raw feeding thing. The biggest trouble right now is that I'm having a tough time getting good books on the subject. I'm also looking for a vet thats raw supportive so that I can ask all of the questions that no one seems to answer - namely, what about the bacteria that comes on the raw food?

So, the victory. The cats love raw egg. I mixed it with their canned food and they scarfed it down, eating the egg and leaving the food when full. This is really good, as I've had no luck with any chicken other than cooked and that with only one of the cats.

The bad? My little monkey broke into the new bag of kibble and ate some of the plastic. This has ripped up her insides to the point where I found blood on the bedspread. She's also not eating right now, probably due to the impaction of the plastic. This is very bad, but I'm going to give it a couple of days. If she's bleeding, it's because she's passing some of the plastic, and she may pass the rest. Better a little scraping than surgery. Damn stubborn cat.
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Try asking at the Mud Bay Grainery if they know any Vets that are raw-food friendly. The one in Kent has a raw food fridge and a raw food freezer...so they may be more likely to know of someone who supports this food source in our community.
Secondly, about the bacteria. I know this from human health. Meats genearlly grow more dangerous after they are ground, because this integrates the minimal bacteria that may have been surviving on the outside of the meat with the pure product on the inside allowing the bacteria to feed on a larger food source (the entire new and enlargened surface area of the mean). This means that it is important to start with whole meats and grind them yourself, then reduce the time that bacteria have to colonize by quickly freezing the groud meat (and nutrient mixture if you add) into single serve quantities.

Oooh, that's a good idea. I'll ask them.

It finally occurred to me today that my cats like their butts. There's not much worse bacteria out there than the nasties that come straight out of them.

Yeah, you could probably call them and get the answers you want. Also, um do your cats lick or like their butts? or both? Licking to clean seems like normal cat behavior. Liking seems like normal dog behavior...not normal cat behavior. Then again, your cats can be a little squrly. I'm remembering that they eat veggies and love to take their fish oil pills.

Keep us posted on the 'raw' thing.

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