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I will not kill the flooring installer. But really it's a good thing that he's gone because I don't know how true a statement that would be if he were still here. They were scheduled to come out today in install the last of the floor  - the stairs. I really didn't want to do this myself, eve with how expensive it would be to hire someone. It's just too easy to screw it up. But when the guy got here today (late, I might add) he poked around for a bit before telling me that there was no way he could do it today and they'd have to reschedule. I don't understand how they could be confused about the amount of work. It's all of 14 stairs. It's not like that could be mistranslated or something. But after telling me that they would call this afternoon sometime to reschedule and rebid, he went away. So now I've paid them in advance for work that they couldn't seem to get done. Looking over the materials we have on hand, I think I've found a way for us to do it that would make it easier to install than I initially thought. So we're going to get our money back from those jerks and do it our own damn selves. I'm just so mad right now I could spit. I was really looking forward to having that floor complete. Bastards.

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Don't just get your money back. And don't stop posting here. Call the BBB and make a complaint. Post a note on Angie's List (I think that's the one about contractors and handymen) and review them where ever you can as a suck fest. Best of all, get the name of the crew manager, or point of contact if it was a company that goes by something other than "Andy Baker's Contracting -- ABC, inc."
So that you don't hate everyone that works on homes, our lawn care stuff is going well.

Who are you using for your yard? We have some work that needs to be done and that's where the "extra" money will go.

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