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I now have an actual prescription to go see my physical therapist. This is a good thing, as now the insurance will pay for the pain she puts me in instead of having to pay for it myself. Going voluntarily to be hurt is bad enough. Paying for it was insane.

Also, my current doctor confirmed the 10-12% scoliosis in my back. Fun stuff.
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sorry about that confirmation.

On the plus side...health insurance will foot the bill!

I'm *very* excited about the insurance covering this bill. And actually, the scoliosis isn't as bad as I thought it would be. So I guess the pt's working. :)

Husband has 54% curvature (or did when he started with Ms. Pain). So at least you won't be as tortured as him!

I used him as an example to my doctor. But I had no idea his curve was so huge!

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